October 24th: Last Day to Register to Vote in CA

Less than ten hours left to register to vote in California. It’s not too late to exercise your civic duty.

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Life Reminds Me of Robin Williams

One year ago today, we were shaken by the tragic news that the man who made millions laugh, lost the long and hard-fought battle with the demons in his mind, no longer believing laughter could make the pain go away. I don’t typically feel a deeply profound sadness or reaction upon every celebrity’s passing, but this […]

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Music- and Momentum-Inspired Food for Thought

How Google Chrome’s simple “Momentum” extension forever changed my browsing experience. The day that I looked over my General Assembly classmate’s shoulder to ask him about the “Momentum” extension, my browsing experience was forever changed. Just a small software program, this Google Chrome extension spread across my Snapchat stories and my friends (and friends of friends), who, […]

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Do You Believe in Magic?

Magic by Coldplay

1:30 AM — Not only does this track mark a very welcome, serene return of Coldplay back into my heart and soul, but it speaks volumes at a time when my life has come to a many crossroads.

It sang to me musically within the first, few moments of hearing it Sunday night. But, it wasn’t until Monday morning when I listened to it, that it captivated my heart lyrically.

After all, doesn’t the same hold true with hearing vs. listening to music as it does with hearing and listening to someone / being heard and listened by someone? — the difference between scratching the surface and deeply understanding with love, patience, and empathy?

And that, in essence, is the very beauty of it all. Just as this simple realization and understanding unfolds and strengthens through the subtlety and power of a song, I still, of course, believe in the magic that can transpire in personal, human relationships — no matter how unbelievably rare it may appear in our lives.

And if you were to ask me
After all that we’ve been through
Still believe in magic
Oh yes I do
Oh yes I do
Yes I do
Oh yes I do
Of course I do

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Life too busy for candle-lit yoga? Try this alternative: Bastille + TLC + The xx

This harmonious, melodic formula almost goes without saying…

Bastille’s beautifully enchanting and rustic tones +

TLC’s No Scrubs reminiscent of the carefree 90s +

The calm-inducing, ethereal backdrop displaying The xx =

The perfect hump day remix (or throwback, girl power ballad).

Enjoy & Happy Wednesday!

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