Life Reminds Me of Robin Williams

One year ago today, we were shaken by the tragic news that the man who made millions laugh, lost the long and hard-fought battle with the demons in his mind, no longer believing laughter could make the pain go away.

I don’t typically feel a deeply profound sadness or reaction upon every celebrity’s passing, but this one particularly struck a heavy chord with me. I adored his accolade of films, shared moments in their joy, depth, and humor. I also shared the Bay with Robin Williams himself and the once beloved, Mrs. Doubtfire. How could his personal life be in such shambles, so immune to the comic relief that he was so keen on giving his audience?

One year ago today, his passing led me to the following “verse” from Dead Poets Society spoken daringly true by Robin Williams’ character, John Keating. It left me in awe and touched me in the same way it did Keating’s students and provided comfort in knowing his contributions extend beyond this lifetime.


His message resonates with me by illuminating the purpose and meaning of life, our existence, career pursuits, and passion. I agree with the notion that noble pursuits in math, science, technology, law, education are integral to our society and necessary to make this world go round. But alone, they do not guarantee our survival. Life and the human race is fuller when it is filled with passion. That the intangible ideals that lie in poetry, beauty, romance, love inspire us to reach into the depths of our souls. That in the little time we have on this Earth, we find the strength to ride the ebbs and flows and strive to find our own unique, personal verse to contribute.

That the powerful play goes on…

Although Robin Williams may no longer be with us, his memory and spirit hover over us to inspire artists and musicians alike, from Cee Lo Green to my talented friend, Brett Goldstein, and many more for years to come.

May you forever rest in peace, Robins Williams, and keep the laughter ongoing and endless in Heaven.


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