Monday Jam to Turn the Monday Blues Around: “Elastic Heart” – Sia ft. The Weeknd & Diplo

Who in their rightful mind LOVES the idea of Mondays? No one, I tell you, if you’re the slightest bit normal. Mondays are never easy for anyone, especially for me lately. After experiencing some of the most consecutively amazing weekends for the past several months, I always dread the moment I have to wake up in bed Monday morning to fully accept that the weekend of bliss is over. More often than not, the work week of hell will soon be upon me — which always dampens the euphoria from the weekend.

But, it’s when gems like this surface and save me from the Monday blues that I feel compelled to share it with anyone who may also be on the search for a weekly cure to their own Monday blues. I can’t even fully express through words the effect this song had on me as I left the office and headed over the Bay Bridge with the gorgeous sunset in the distance. IMG_1403

The way it tugged at and spoke to my elasticmelancholic heart gave me a final sense of resolve and renewal of the many epiphanies to strike me over the weekend.

Sia‘s always powerful, expressive vocals never fail to paint the most vivid picture, but to contrast that with the soulfulness of The Weeknd, and combine it with the music production by the pure genius who is Diplo, this is the perfect inclusion in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack. I cannot wait to see exactly how the song unfolds during the movie.

Although this may come too late for those already in bed dreaming about The Weeknd, I hope it helps to get you through your Tuesday and hold you over until hump day, at the very least.

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