Flume vs. alt-J

Last-minute, best concert decisions.

Flume: I debated getting tickets for a month until they were finally sold out, and after checking Craigslist periodically and a few failed attempts, I thought, “if it’s meant to happen, it will happen.” But lo and behold, fate came knocking on my door as I woke up Saturday morning and refreshed Craigslist. I called the first guy who posted the night before, and despite receiving 40 texts the night before and being complete strangers, he transferred the ticket and entrusted me with a simple venmo payment, all because I was the first and only one to call him. And BAM, it was one of the best concerts my friend, Andrea, and I have been to.

Flume seems to be the first of its genre, which I am still trying to figure out and have narrowed it down to a fusion of neo electronic, trip hop, and r&b. The light show, sound, drops, and overall set were so memorable (thanks to the unbeatable sound clarity at the Mezzanine) that when I revisited the songs and videos the next day, I felt these surreal, deja vu glimpses to the night before. I couldn’t shake the high and energy I felt from the concert until well into Monday morning.IMG_0603

As a #1 DJ/producer in Australia who created buzz about a Coachella appearance this past year and is currently touring around the country, I predict it’s only a matter of time before he fully infiltrates US pop culture and blows up.

Favorites: HyperParadise, On Top, Sleepless, Insane

alt-J: Another one of those sold out, fateful concerts where luck was on my and Andrea’s side. After dragging through the work day on Friday, I get an abrupt call from her that afternoon saying her manager just offered her 2 free tickets for the alt-J concert that night. Even though I was really only familiar with “Tessellate,” I, of course, jumped on this chance to go with her. I rushed home, took a quick power nap listening to alt-J, and was fully energized to get through the rest of the night.

It was my first time catching a show at the Fox Theater in Oakland, and I fell in love with the architecture and venue. Even with crowded floor seats, it was still an intimate enough live show, largely due to the fact that they belong to a mellow genre of indie rock, and I felt the energy reverberate through the entire venue and crowd.altjcol2

I was told that they visited SF last year when they were still performing under the shadows, but I envision them rising to Mumford & Sons status, in terms of popularity, in the coming year.

Favorites: Tessellate, Breezeblocks, Something Good, Dissolve Me

Hope you preview & enjoy their music as much as I did!


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