Anyone who knows me quickly finds out within a matter of a few hours, days or months what a huge U2 fan I am. I have to credit the fandom to my older brother who has grown up listening to and admiring the lyrically inspiring tunes that U2 has produced for the past 40 years. Luckily, he inspired me to grow this same appreciation and love when he gifted me with the first U2 sampling for the All That You Can’t Leave Behind album in 5th grade.

It’s awe-inspiring to me that when Bono isn’t busy touring as a rockstar, he’s busy being a humanitarian who makes his lyrics come to life in the fight against extreme poverty and disease. In this way, he and his music inspire people to affect  the world and have personally helped me tread through life’s many ebbs and flows. I’m convinced that music has the ability to change the world by impacting people in profound ways. And, this quote is only a start in capturing the many ways in which I’ve been inspired to start this musical journey of self-realization and passion to express ways in which music can change thought, people, and the world.


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